Change and Letting Go

I have gone through many changes since I last wrote here. My primary job closed its doors and approximately 140 people were laid off. I had sensed that the company was going under and had been actively looking for work for about a month before it folded. However that search yielded no results.

This led to a major decision to move about an hour and half away where I had a guaranteed job in food service and the rents were much lower. I also had a friend who moved with me and we now share a very beautiful apartment in a very charming little town.

In the meantime I am considering myself a student in the law of attraction. This is a difficult skill to master but I do find it most interesting and most rewarding when you get it right. One of the most important things I've learned and have really been putting into practice is something I wrote about a couple of months ago and that was the act of letting go of your burdens. This whole process has carried me through the whole job loss and some other really crazy things that happened while I transitioned. I cannot express enough the importance of letting go of your burdens. I'm most grateful to have learned to do this!

So now I sit in my new luxury apartment looking out at the most beautiful view. I could not have pictured myself here even a month ago and yet here I sit. It all came about because of the law of attraction and the ability to let go of my burdens.


Matthew said...

Great article, I am glad to see so much growth. You took a negative and turned in into a positive, way to go!

Desiree said...

Thank you Matthew! Yeah it's a good feeling when you smush those lemons and make lemonaid!