How YOU Can Start Changing the World Today

The best way to change the world is to begin right where you are. Learn to be happy and healthy of mind. Let go of the pain and the fear and the negative things that you harbor within. Begin sending out positive reverberations into the world. Everything you do effects the world in some way. I suspect it is a much stronger effect than we would like to think. Every act, negative or positive ripples out into our world and effects other people. There is no doubt about this.

The question is do you want your ripples to touch the world negatively or positively? It's all up to you of course but why not? It's a win win situation if you do!
Be the change, start today!


Mark said...

It is all about our choices. We create ripples, it is our choice what kind.

Desiree said...

Absolutely Mark! Thanks for your thoughts!