Matthew over at One Kind Act suggested I read The Four Agreements Well it just so happened that the evening of the same day he mentioned it I had planned an evening at Barnes and Noble. It's one of my favorite places with good reads and good coffee I could easily stay there for hours and often have. So in any event to make a long story short I found the book and read half of it there and then purchased it and brought it home to finish that night. It was a great book and I'd suggest you all read it!

One of the things the writer speaks of in the book is the power of words. Oh there is much more to it than that but that is what I wanted to focus on tonight in my post. Words. We often take them for granted. What are words exactly? They are symbols used to communicate. However, they are so much more than that. They shape our lives, they give us power or make us weaker depending on what is said.

Have you ever noticed if you feel a little sick the more you complain the worse you feel? It's the power of words. We can use words to bring about positive change in our life and in others or we can use them to bring about negative things. It's really up to us.

I find sometimes if I sit down and write about something that I need to do in order to better myself or my life I grow stronger as I write. One because writing brings clarity and two because the words create an inner power. It is also the same concept as affirmations. By saying the affirmations over and over again you create a powerful spell. If you say I am healthy and making healthy choices to yourself over and over again daily you will soon find you are healthy and making healthy choices. It's amazing that we have this very powerful spell within our own grasp and we generally choose to use it against ourselves instead!

Think of how often you actually may say something negative to yourself. Thus casting a negative spell on your own self with your words. If for example you wish to lose weight you might hear yourself saying: I eat too much. I love junk food too much. I am so fat. I am getting bigger every day. Or perhaps you have this kind of self talk: I am stupid. I can't do this I don't know how. I'm not smart enough to do this. Or feel free to insert your own self talk there. The point is we do it over and over and over again. I look at myself and I hear some of my self talk and I realize how strongly I've been unwittingly self-sabotaging my own life! I never really realized how strongly that is affecting my life, and quite frankly I'm appalled!

So today I'm taking some baby steps in the right direction. I'm taking note of what I say to myself and I'm going to make a positive effort to change the way I talk to myself and about myself. Let me rephrase this. I am changing how I speak to myself beginning today! I invite you to join me!


Matthew said...

Excellent Post! I am so glad you enjoyed the book enough to post about it. I've read it 3 or 4 times and I have The Four Agreements hanging in my office.
Create a GREAT day!

Desiree said...

Thanks so much for suggesting it Matthew! I plan to re-read it as well. I think it's just the sort of book that you read again and again to really maximize the benefits!

You Create a wonderful day as well!