Fences for the Soul

We all have our own unique tolerance level for what treatment we will accept from other people. Some people will put up with quite a bit. Others don't even give people a chance. The interesting thing is that life will give you lessons and try to regulate this for you. However, as we all know these lessons will only work with your cooperation.

If you set up boundaries before a problem ever arises and stick to them you will find it much easier and less painful. However, if you are one of those people who lets people walk all over you until you just can't take it another second then you need to start thinking about what your boundaries should be and start enforcing them.

Not enforcing ones boundaries properly comes from a deep need to be loved and accepted. So it's crucial that you start loving yourself today! And you can take the first step by identifying the boundaries you need to set and by taking the necessary steps to enforce them. You will not only be helping yourself avoid necessary pain but you will be taking the first steps toward self love. We can't change the world if we are sitting around suffering! We have to safeguard our souls! This is like a protective fence for your soul. You keep the bad out but let the good in simply by identifying and enforcing your boundaries.


JRFan said...

Okay – so everyone knows that some pretty scary stuff is happening to our world from war and economic crisis to global warming and climate change. But nobody seems to know how to stop these things from happening. Its like we all want to do better in our day-to-day life and be more responsible, but does it really make a difference?

It does.

I just finished reading James Ray’s new book called Harmonic Wealth and then attended a teleseminar with James about how we can spread Harmonic Wealth around the world. James really hit the nail on the head with this one idea. He talked about PHASE TRANSITION – it’s a scientific term that describes how when a critical mass of something (like a certain number of molecules) is met, then a shift in the entire structure occurs. It’s what they use to describe a liquid turning to gas at a certain temperature and that sort of thing.

James used it to explain how WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Seriously. If it makes sense at a molecular level, than it makes sense on a global scale, too. If enough of us make those changes happen in our own lives (get the Hybrid, recycle, go carbon neutral, vote against war, etc.), at a certain point we will hit critical mass and the change will happen for everyone! You can feel it happening already and I certainly want to be a part of it.

Check out his book at the Harmonic Wealth website:

bokjae said...

Hey Desiree! so good to see you writing again! Miss ya heaps! Often drop by to check you out but sad to say nothing from you!

Yes Boundaries are important for everyone or else we get lost and confused and not only hurting others but ourselves too! thanks for sharing!

datenwiederherstellung said...

In these hard game of leading life its really a protective fence for my soul.

Desiree said...

Jrfan, thanks for your thoughts! Even more, thanks for pointing out the interesting read. It certainly sounds very interesting and you brought up some great point! Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts are much appreciated!

Desiree said...


Thank you for having faith that I would come back! It means the world to know that some haven't given up on me at this time when I'm trying so hard to help someone dear to me recover that I have very little left of myself to offer here. Thank you!


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Anonymous said...

this message is very inspirational. i do love myself.if i didn't it would never allow me to open the doors and love someone else.setting boundaries is very important.but, unfortunately sometimes boundaries are broken and this is where the suffering comes in. the best part of the message i found is 'how can we make this a better world if we are suffering'?