How Bad Do You Want What's Best for You

Recently I've had a small struggle that has reminded me of something that I learned a long time ago and that is that doing the right thing or doing what's best for you is usually not easy. It always comes with struggles and obstacles. It's almost as if you have to want what's best for you, really really bad in order to get it. And as we all know sometimes we are just not willing to go the distance. Sometimes what we have to gain just doesn't seem worth what we have to give up or go through in order to obtain. Of course in the long run it probably would be worth it but we don't want to go through the trouble.

Recently I decided I would buy my daughter a bike and her and I would spend time bike riding. It would be good for our health and our relationship and it would certainly help with our stress levels as well. I couldn't wait to get started. I bought her bike. We couldn't ride it that day because her friend was over and we had no bike to offer her. The next several days it rained. Then we were painting and had no time. Then finally the day came and we carried our bikes outside and as soon as I started to drive out of the driveway I noticed my rear tire was flat. So I brought out the pump and pumped and pumped to no avail. Finally we gave up and went back inside.

It took several more days of obstacles before I finally got to the store to buy a new inner tube. I came home tried to get the rear tire off but I couldn't budge the nut with the tools I had. This morning I called the bike shop. It's my day off so I figured I'd bring it down there and let them do it. They were closed. So, I went to Walmart looking for a bike wrench. I found one, not a very good one mind you but I'd give it a whirl. I came home and tried again. The wrench didn't offer enough leverage. The nut wouldn't budge. Now I have to go wrench shopping. How bad do I want this? Well I haven't given up yet.


Loving Annie said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Desiree ! I have a feeling that you will persevere, and the bikes will be ridden after all :)

Dave said...

A lesson in perservence is what has been sent to you. Thanks for sharing the story

Desiree said...

Annie, So nice to hear from you! Hope your St. Patricks day was a happy one too! Hope you enjoyed your vacation!

Desiree said...

Dave, Yes perseverance indeed but there was even much more to it than that! Nice to see you here. Hope you get back to blogging in your goodness blog soon!