Fail Your Way to the Top

To continue on from my last post that will soon bring us to an even more important point I will tell you of the rest of my bicycle struggle. As you may recall I had purchased a tool to fix my bike and it didn't work. So I set out to go wrench shopping. I decided to pick up a little socket wrench kit as it's been my experience that they work best. Besides every man I know has a socket wrench set and so they must be good because if there is one thing men know its tools! Kind of like women know shoes. :-)

Well that turned out to be a great plan! I got the tire off with relative ease. Struggled a bit getting the actual tire off of the rim but I managed. Then I tried to pump up the tire. It wouldn't pump. Darn! What was wrong?!! Then it dawned on me. My new bicycle pump did not work! That was why the first tube wouldn't hold any air! It was never ruined to begin with! Grrr! So I threw the tire in the trunk took it down to our local Stewarts Shoppe and pumped it up. That worked! I went home and put the new tire on the bike frame. That was a bit of a struggle but I finally got it! Yay!

I still haven't had a chance to ride it yet because it has been raining. But soon.

Now all of this brings me to a very important point. In my struggle to get my bike fixed I didn't give up even though I seemed to encounter one problem after another. I knew eventually I would succeed. I was certain. I didn't stand around full of self doubt saying things like I wasn't meant to ride a bike. I'm not good enough to ride a bike. I don't know how to ride a bike. Etc. Yes I know that sounds really silly but ask yourself how many times you've said that to yourself about one thing or another. For me, if this had pertained to some article or story I had written and was activly trying to publish I would have been full of those thoughts. The lesson here is failure does not mean you can't do something or that you shouldn't do something or that you weren't meant to do something. Failure is merely a step toward success! That is my message to you all today!

Reassess your failures and recognize them for what they really are and stop labeling them as obstacles to where you want to go! Failure is a nothing more than a vital step in the direction you are aiming to go! So start stepping! The more you fail the more steps you take, the closer you really are to where you want to be! Even though it may not feel like it. Now, the choice, of course is always yours. See the failure as a step forward or simply wallow in the act of failing. Just remember one thing. If you aren't failing you are getting no wheres fast! The road to the top is built with steps made of failure.


Betty said...

Dear Desiree,

It's great that you're blogging again. Your bicycle story certainly does apply to many different endeavors in life. Of course some endeavors have to be placed on hold for a while until it stops raining, or the bike tool shop opens, or your employer stabilizes.

I hope you're happily riding by now.


wornoutwoman said...

Amen to this post. Thanks for making me think and as always you inspire. My challenge is to finish what I start. So this last year I've make that my goal. Stop by my website some time!

Desiree said...

Thanks Betty! Yes I finally got out on my bike but not without more troubles first. LOL It was quite a fiasco! Glad I finally managed to ride. Though I still have to figure out why my back brakes aren't working....

Desiree said...

WornoutWoman AKA Blessed. I do stop over at your blog. I don't comment because you have to login in order to post and I don't have a login. But I enjoy your blog very much and I'm sure those that read here would enjoy it as well. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

Mark said...

Yes the path of our growth is paved with failures. The key is to learn the lessons that these failures provide and to understand and accept failure as part of our process and journey.

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I m really happy to hear that you start blogging again..bast of luck.

Loving Annie said...

Good Friday evening April 11 th to you, Desiree.

Great post. And so true - it was only when I realized that my 'failures' were signposts, that I began to really see where my soul was meant to be headed. And that feels so good. They were never failures after all - just indications to adjust direction :)

Hope that you are enjoying your bicycle ride of life !