That Old Christmas Spirit

So you want to change the world? Of course you do! Don't we all? The funny thing is that we often fail to notice that we actually have the power to change the world.

Now can we change the world drastically all by ourselves? No, probably not but what you do today will affect the world and change its course. What you do could make or break a life even if you don't realize it nor see it. What you do will reverberate out into the world and will effect the world.

So with that you must ask yourself at the end of the day. What did I put out into the world today? Was it good stuff? Or was it negative vibes?

Recognize the power you hold in your hands and understand that with power you need to exercise responsibility. You are responsible for what you place out there in the world. Now, the odds are that no one on this earth is going to come calling on you about what you do provided its not so bad that you get arrested or that someone retaliates against you. No the truth lies within your own heart. Only you really know what you are sending out into our world. Only you know if you are making a positive difference in our world. It's totally up to you. Be the change you want to see in the world and you will be a part of that change. Be anything less and you are harming our world. What's it going to be?

Christmas time there is a lot of positive reverberations in the air. Often times you hear things referred to as the Christmas spirit. That Christmas spirit is a very real thing! It is very probable that that Christmas spirit is manifested by all of the positive reverberations out there in the world. It feels great! Doesn't it?

Well that spirit doesn't have to merely exist at Christmas! You can carry that spirit with you all year round! All you need to do is send out far more positive reverberations then negative ones.

So this year I ask you to bring that Christmas spirit with you into the new year and carry it around with you in your hearts. You will be happier and you will help change our world to a more positive place! You've got nothing to lose!


Loving Annie said...

Very true and a good year-round reminder, Desiree !

How are you doing ? It is good to see you posting again -

Happy holidays :)

Loving Annie

Betty said...

Dear Desiree,

Your proposal is grand. I'm willing to take it on! I think I'll leave the Chrismas lights up as a reminder to myself.


Loving Annie said...

Good Saturday morning December 8th to you, Desiree ! How are you doing today ?

Just came by again to say hello, and see what was new with you. Hope that all is well.

Happy Holidays to you and those you love --

Loving Annie

Mark said...

Excellent post! True, this is a time of much positive energy, we must learn to carry this energy through everyday, not just he holidays.

Desiree said...

Annie, Thanks for your thoughts and thanks for checking in! I hope your holidays are very happy too!

Desiree said...

Betty, What an awesome idea!!! I'm so glad you thought of it! Thanks so much!

Desiree said...

Mark, Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Wise words indeed!

Enhance Life said...

Hi Desiree,
I think we sometimes think of do'n "big things" to make a change. But there is always that "small thing" we could do.

Thank you for the lovely post.

Shamelle said...

First time here.. cool blog~

Siegfried said...

How do you find out what love really is?

Loving Annie said...

Happy Thursday the 13th Desiree !

Desiree said...

Sham, Indeed! Thanks so much for your comments. The small things really add up and really make a difference!

Desiree said...

Siegfried, Not sure how your question fits in her but anyway I'll give my thoughts. Love is something you know when you experience it. It's really that simple.

Desiree said...

Annie, Thanks! I hope you are having a great week and lots of fun preparing for the holiday! Everything is just so pretty this time of year isn't it?!!

Siegfried said...

Well, I thought Christmas was all about real love.
I don't really think so anymore. Unless we make so it in our personal lives.
Happy Christmas!

Desiree said...

Happy Christmas Siegfried

Ellen said...

Hi Desiree,

thank you for this beautiful post!!
You're so right, we can all make a difference, in our own world, and with that, in the world of others.
All it takes is that positive thinking, that feeling of hope and compassion to stick around..
Your post is a true inspiration for contributing to that positive change!
Thank you!!
Blessings to you,


*the kangaroo said...

Sometimes I want so badly to be able to change the world by myself..