Merry Christmas-Lets Not Forget its Origin

There are those that insist that Santa doesn't exist. Yet don't we see proof of him everywhere? Santa, the spirit of Christmas is perhaps God's joy spread down upon us. Santa can be seen everywhere. He can come in the form of a jolly old elf as we all know or perhaps in Asian eyes or brown skin or blonde hair or pierced faces or pretty smiles or big strong hands or delicate girlish giggles. The thing with Santa is that he doesn't just dress in a red suit and he isn't always fat and he doesn't always deliver gifts on a sleigh driven by renideer. No sometimes he shows up in one of those economy sized cars or even a big ole truck. What's mroe Santa comes in every color imaginable and you never know when you might meet up with him or where.

Yes my friends Santa is alive and well and still spreading good cheer. You have only to look to your own living rooms for proof of this! Santa is a jolly old elf indeed sprinkled with magic dust, the dust of God's joy. Some say Christmas is too commercial. I say this is only because of the spirit of Christmas and our enthusiasm to spread God's joy. This is the spirit of Christmas that snows down upon us from heaven. Let us not forget then what it is all about! Santa lives within all of us Santa is a gift from God. Santa is what we have created to express that love that we feel! You see our jolly old elf is a euphemism for what we all feel at this time of year. We feel this because this is a time that we celebrate God's greatest gift and love for us and we all feel it and wish to reciprocate.
The giving is great it brings us all great joy and warm hearts! Now please take a moment today and remember clearly why we feel this and give thanks for all that you have.
Merry Christmas everyone may the spirit of Christmas surround you and warm your hearts on this glorious day!


Betty said...

Dear Desiree,

I was definitely surrounded by the spirit of Christmas today. The Child and I just returned from a huge family gathering full of joyous people. No, it wasn't our biological family, but we were taken in as if we were. It was a perfect example of the spirit of Christmas which we all hope for.

Happy Holidays!

Mark said...

Great post. May the spirit of Santa live on and on for that spirit is of unconditional love!

Desiree said...

Oh that's wonderful Betty. Happy to hear this indeed! Happy Holidays to you and your son!

Desiree said...

Well said Mark!

Dust-bunny said...


I have Santa's all over my tree...I have never celebrated "Santa" at Christmas, and only merely considered him one of the traditions that we have that signify the giving nature of the season, as you seem to have expressed here.

The story I have always told my kids was that Santa was a real person who delivered gifts to unfortunate children on Jesus' birthday in order to celebrate the gift of Him to this world. Now, I'm not really sure if that's true or not...but heck, it worked in this house!!

God bless you in the New Year, and may you and yours have every happiness.

Desiree said...

LOL Nice story Lisa! Thanks for sharing!

Fatma said...

Happy new year to you all :)

Loving Annie said...

Happy, healthy, blessed New Year to you, Desiree ! Hope that all is well :)

bokjae said...

Hellooooo! desiree!!!! This is now 3rd Jan 2008! How are you?

Scotty said...

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Desiree said...

Fatma, Annie and Bokjae, Hi! So sorry it took me so long to read your comments. I hope you all have been blessed with happiness this new year of 2008!

Thanks for your well wishes my cyber friends!