Facing Our Own Mortality - Earthquake in NY

So we experienced an earthquake today here where I live in NY. Okay well technically it wasn't our earthquake, it was Virginia's but we felt the vibrations. It wasn't a big deal, no damage here and no one was hurt. In the grand scheme of things it was nothing.

However, to each of us who experienced it it was something. No we didn't lose our homes or our loved ones. No it wasn't a big scary event or a catastrophe. Some of us didn't even feel it and were unaware that it happened.

What it was however to those of us that did feel it was a simple reminder of our vulnerability and our own mortality. Neither of which we like to be reminded of I might add. How easy it is to forget that each day is a gift. That we shouldn't really take for granted that we will even be here tomorrow or that the earth will remain in tact beneath our feet. Every moment that we are here is a gift and we should use that gift to live the most joyful life that we can and to develop and maintain our personal relationships with family, friends, and loved ones.

When we are reminded of our own mortality the only healthy thing to do is to appreciate the life you have and the gift of today and to put forth a strong effort to live your best life.


When They Leave the Nest

I was visiting with a dear old friend and her family last week. Her aunt was talking about children and how you can't look at them as belonging to you. I believe she called them loaners. I had to agree. I share the same philosophy.

We are given this beautiful opportunity to teach these young people everything of importance that they will need when they grow up. We are given roughly 18 years to accomplish this. Some of us do a wonderful job. Others, sadly, don't even seem to understand the job description.

Children don't belong to us. It's up to us as parents to teach them and prepare them and then just as important, trust them to make the right decisions with all that we have taught them. Letting go is never an easy task, mind you but it is important, nonetheless.

All too often parents try to control their children long after they've reached adulthood. This is usually done with the best intentions. As parents we love our children more than we love anyone and we so badly want what is best for them that it's easy to forget that it's no longer our business. That we have to step back and trust them to do the job we taught them.

That's not to say that we won't have any input or that they wont come to us with questions or needing advice. There is a time to speak and a time to keep quiet and wisdom is knowing the difference.


Life Lessons Continue

It's been ages since I posted here. I've spent the last several months letting go of things and allowing the goodness into my life. I'm happy to report that life continues to grow better. I'm going back to school in September.

This has been a dream for me for several years but I had so many barriers in my way that I failed to move forward. Finally though as I learned about letting go life took an unexpected turn.

I'm allowing happiness into my life. Occasionally I'll have a set back and have to work on letting go of some negative thought that gets in the way. However, I learn more and more how to recognize that and do something about it.

It all starts with our thoughts and those thoughts lead to emotions those emotions lead to what we attract from life.


As I go through life the one thing that becomes more and more apparent with each passing day is that all that we think, all that we speak, shapes all that we are. We truly create our world though our own communication and thoughts.

Knowing this makes me work all the harder to be more positive and to try and not say things or think things that will shape my life in a way that I don't want it shaped. This is a remarkable tool.

Life didn't begin to change for me until I began to change the way I thought and the way I spoke. I first became aware of the power of my thoughts and my voice when I realized how the things I said could and did effect other people. If I were positive and upbeat other people responded in kind. If I were negative and depressed in my speech others reacted in a negative way. It was at this time that I began to strive to become more responsible with my thoughts, and words. I didn't want to have a negative effect on others.

I suppose it was then that I began to realize that doing so also had the power to change my own life. I learned that the more positive I was the more positive I felt and the more positive I felt the more positive my life seemed to go. I'm still learning and in this life time I will never be perfect but I do strive to do my best and to have the best life that I can have while being a positive influence on others and creating positive reverberations in the world.

We all have that choice to create positive or negative reverberations. I wanted strongly to create positive ones. What kind of reverberations do you wish to send out into the world?


Change and Letting Go

I have gone through many changes since I last wrote here. My primary job closed its doors and approximately 140 people were laid off. I had sensed that the company was going under and had been actively looking for work for about a month before it folded. However that search yielded no results.

This led to a major decision to move about an hour and half away where I had a guaranteed job in food service and the rents were much lower. I also had a friend who moved with me and we now share a very beautiful apartment in a very charming little town.

In the meantime I am considering myself a student in the law of attraction. This is a difficult skill to master but I do find it most interesting and most rewarding when you get it right. One of the most important things I've learned and have really been putting into practice is something I wrote about a couple of months ago and that was the act of letting go of your burdens. This whole process has carried me through the whole job loss and some other really crazy things that happened while I transitioned. I cannot express enough the importance of letting go of your burdens. I'm most grateful to have learned to do this!

So now I sit in my new luxury apartment looking out at the most beautiful view. I could not have pictured myself here even a month ago and yet here I sit. It all came about because of the law of attraction and the ability to let go of my burdens.


Lifting Your Burdens

One of the most important lessons I've been learning is how important it is to cast your burdens aside. How you choose to cast them away is totally up to you. You can give them to God, the source, or a higher power. You can bury them under a rock or throw them in the ocean. You can squeeze them into a magic box which eats all bad things that you deposit. You decide, but whatever you do do cast your burdens aside!

The more you hold onto that which you are unhappy about the more unhappy you will become and the more of that bad thing or other bad things you are likely to attract. Cast your burdens aside and in it's place let happy and peaceful thoughts rest.

Now sometimes after we cast our burdens aside we find out that we sneaked back out and brought them back in. So if you discover this happening don't fret just give them another hurl. Do this as often as you need to until you don't see that burden any longer, leaving room for the happiness to shine in on your life.

And to help lift some of the world's burden please go here It's free, it's fun and you can help feed hungry people. It doesn't get any easier than this!

How YOU Can Start Changing the World Today

The best way to change the world is to begin right where you are. Learn to be happy and healthy of mind. Let go of the pain and the fear and the negative things that you harbor within. Begin sending out positive reverberations into the world. Everything you do effects the world in some way. I suspect it is a much stronger effect than we would like to think. Every act, negative or positive ripples out into our world and effects other people. There is no doubt about this.

The question is do you want your ripples to touch the world negatively or positively? It's all up to you of course but why not? It's a win win situation if you do!
Be the change, start today!


Some Great Quotes

I just wanted to share a few great quotes with you all.

The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all. ~Leo Rosten

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. ~Dr. Seuss

Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful. ~Author Unknown

I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world. ~Mother Teresa (Agnes Gonxha Bojarhiu)

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be. ~ John Wooden


Love is perhaps the most bothersome of all things we must learn to work with as human beings. Love is the thing most, if not all of us spend our whole lives looking for from the ones that we love and admire. It's a basic human need. Our most intimate relationships are indeed the most difficult of all of our love relationships.

Love is riddled with anxiety. Every person alive has some kind of anxiety surrounding love. For some it's in the form of jealousy and or possessiveness, some if not all fear in some way getting hurt, some fear being smothered. Fears, fears, fears get in the way of successful love. Then even when one finds love those fears can rear their ugly head in the midst of our bliss and suck the rug right out from under our feet.

Some might say we humans are a brave lot because for the most part even though we might fall flat on our faces we keep trying. I think learning how to love and be loved is the most important task any of us can do as people. It's what life tries to teach you from day one. And feeling and receiving love is indeed a wonderful thing. It makes us feel so alive and brings us great joy.

But how do we get it right? Well, the first and most important thing is to love oneself. The second most important thing is to keep trying. The third most important thing is to approach love with an attitude of what can I give, but (and this is a big but) don't ever give more than you get. And then last but not least relinquish your need and strong desire for love and let it be what it will be. Don't fret over it, don't treat it as if it is all encompassing. Remember love is not a right. You have to earn it and then it's still not a right. No what it is is a gift from the heavens. Treat it as such.


Changing the World Starts in the Mirror

Changing the world starts right in the mirror. We all hold the power to bring about positive change into the world. By changing yourself and making yourself a more positive behaving person you will send out more positive reverberations into the world and far less negative thus bringing about positive change into the world.

You have to be willing to look at yourself, to really look inside and see who you are and how what you do effects others. This is not always easy. I've always been lucky in that regard for I was blessed with a lot of insight and a desire to do well and bring positive energy into the world. But that doesn't come naturally to everyone. Even when it does come naturally one still has to struggle with it sometimes because there is so much negative out there corrupting us all.

I've known far too many people that refused to look inside and take any responsibility for their behaviors even when you point them out and they are so painfully obvious to others. I have such a difficult time respecting people like that.

We are here on earth in these humanly bodies to learn to be the best humans that we can be. Part of that learning process is digging deep inside of ourselves and seeing what makes us tick and doing what we can to tweak that for a more positive outcome.

Once we do our tweaking our reverberations will reverberate throughout the world more positively and that is a great accomplishment. It's far easier to be negative. For some reason people seem to flow toward the negative. Just read the rants and raves section of your local Craigslist the rants always far outnumber the raves. I'd go even further to say that it's rare to see a rave! How sad is that? Sadly it appears to be human nature to be attracted toward the negative. My theory is that it's the path of the least resistance.

We all need to look in the mirror and keep looking in the mirror. How are your behaviors effecting other people? Are they positive? What negative behavior could you change today or start to change to make your reverberations ring out positively?


Obtaining Your Dreams

When you want something in your life and you've wanted it for some time but have been unable to achieve it or bring it about in your life then it's time to start holding yourself accountable and figure out the whys.

The best way to do this is to write two lists. One list is a list of why you want what you want. This should be a detailed list with as many things as possible until you can't possibly think of another reason why.

Then you should make another list. A list of the why you don't want this to happen. Yes you read this right. For if there is something you want but cant find a way to get, it's more than likely your own doing. There are things you are afraid of if you get what you want. So make a list and exhaust the possibilities. Then and only then can you start to move past those things that you are fearful or or that hold you back. Or who knows maybe you'll discover you are better off not getting what you want. I guess that all depends on your lists. Whatever the case may be you must hold yourself accountable for your own life and you must be willing to make changes were necessary otherwise nothing will ever change and you'll never obtain the things you really want.

Life 101

We often think we have control over our lives. When in fact its not so much our lives that we have control over but rather our own responses or reactions to life. If you pay attention life has a reason. I can't say what that reason is for sure but its very specific. I know this because it moves strategically. I do know that if you don't do what is right for you or right for others or perhaps more to the point, if you don't work toward the greater good of all involved life will test you over and over again until you do do what is right.

In many ways life is a series of tests. I often wonder if we have bigger work to accomplish when we leave these humanly bodies. That perhaps all of these tests are a preparation for something so much bigger. Passing your tests and doing the right thing brings you more satisfaction in your life in the long run. Though sometimes doing what is right is so difficult!

The ultimate goal of life for we humans seems to be about striking a balance between doing the right thing for yourself, being good to yourself and being good to other people and doing the right thing where others are concerned. The ultimate goal of life is about each of us reaching for the greater good of all. You can't be so good to yourself that you forget to be good to others but at the same time you can't be so good to other people that you forget about yourself. It's a balance and as simple as it sounds we all struggle with it daily.

So when in doubt a good rule of thumb to measure by is to ask yourself, is this for the greater good of all involved and then you shall have your answer.



Matthew over at One Kind Act suggested I read The Four Agreements Well it just so happened that the evening of the same day he mentioned it I had planned an evening at Barnes and Noble. It's one of my favorite places with good reads and good coffee I could easily stay there for hours and often have. So in any event to make a long story short I found the book and read half of it there and then purchased it and brought it home to finish that night. It was a great book and I'd suggest you all read it!

One of the things the writer speaks of in the book is the power of words. Oh there is much more to it than that but that is what I wanted to focus on tonight in my post. Words. We often take them for granted. What are words exactly? They are symbols used to communicate. However, they are so much more than that. They shape our lives, they give us power or make us weaker depending on what is said.

Have you ever noticed if you feel a little sick the more you complain the worse you feel? It's the power of words. We can use words to bring about positive change in our life and in others or we can use them to bring about negative things. It's really up to us.

I find sometimes if I sit down and write about something that I need to do in order to better myself or my life I grow stronger as I write. One because writing brings clarity and two because the words create an inner power. It is also the same concept as affirmations. By saying the affirmations over and over again you create a powerful spell. If you say I am healthy and making healthy choices to yourself over and over again daily you will soon find you are healthy and making healthy choices. It's amazing that we have this very powerful spell within our own grasp and we generally choose to use it against ourselves instead!

Think of how often you actually may say something negative to yourself. Thus casting a negative spell on your own self with your words. If for example you wish to lose weight you might hear yourself saying: I eat too much. I love junk food too much. I am so fat. I am getting bigger every day. Or perhaps you have this kind of self talk: I am stupid. I can't do this I don't know how. I'm not smart enough to do this. Or feel free to insert your own self talk there. The point is we do it over and over and over again. I look at myself and I hear some of my self talk and I realize how strongly I've been unwittingly self-sabotaging my own life! I never really realized how strongly that is affecting my life, and quite frankly I'm appalled!

So today I'm taking some baby steps in the right direction. I'm taking note of what I say to myself and I'm going to make a positive effort to change the way I talk to myself and about myself. Let me rephrase this. I am changing how I speak to myself beginning today! I invite you to join me!



Perhaps one of the most difficult things we will ever do in life is forgive ourself. Sometimes we hurt ourselves, make bad decisions and virtually harm our own lives for the simple lack of our own ability to forgive ourself.

It's not an easy thing to get past. We have to first recognize it to begin with and the pain of it all can force you to keep it buried for years or even a lifetime. No matter how deeply you bury it though it will not prevent it from hurting you further. No it's pretty much guaranteed that if you bury and hold onto it it will in fact hurt you very much and over and over again until you dig it up and deal with it. It's that simple and just that complicated.

We often find it much easier to forgive other people then we do to forgive ourselves. Isn't it ironic that we find it much easier to live a life of self punishment rather than face our own demons and finally forgive ourselves.

If you want to fix your life. If there are holes; if there is pain; if you know you keep making the same mistakes over and over, perhaps in different ways but perhaps similar. Then it's time to dig up what's inside of you. It's time to forgive yourself for you are human. You are not perfect. You have made mistakes. We all have. It is time to let it all go and forgive yourself. Then and only then can you really move on in your life and grasp the life you secretly envision for yourself.

Walk with me today. Give me your hand and let us walk down this road together and ask ourselves for the forgiveness we desperately seek in the depths of our beings. Walk with me today and be free to live the life you desire.



Long Overdue Update

In case anyone is wondering what happened to me. I've been kind of busy the last year or two dealing with some difficulties my daughter was going through and then working two jobs and just trying to make ends meet.

It's been really tough but things are good. It's been difficult and stressful at times and having to work two jobs is very stressful in and of itself but all in all we are doing well and some really wonderful things have happened in between. So I will not complain.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm well if anyone still even ever visits here. I'm hoping that eventually I'll find a job that will give me enough of an income that I'll only have to work one job. I had hoped that moving up in the company that I work for would be the answer but unfortunately they don't pay well enough. I'm now on salary and still not making anything close to enough. Which is a shame because I really like the company. Well, when I finally do find something that can afford me to only work one job then hopefully I can get back down to the business of writing because it is my great love. I miss this. It's what God intended for me to do and somehow I need to get back to it. I am working my way across these bridges and working toward a better life. Sometimes that is all you can do.


How Do We Measure Love?

It is often asked: How do we measure love? It’s simple really. We measure love by action and or lack of action. Love is an action word and no matter how much someone tells you they love you if their actions don’t live up to what they are telling you then you shouldn’t believe them for a minute! Love is more than a feeling. That feeling leads us to action just as that lack of feeling will lead us on non-action.

Too often we forget that love is an action word. We get all caught up in our need and desire for it that we look for it in the strangest places. It is such a basic human need that we will often go to great lengths to acquire it.

Many of us have no clue as to how to go about measuring love to determine if someone really loves us or not. The great news or possibly not so great depending on how you look at it is that there is a way to measure love. Measure the action and inaction, taking place in the relationship. Measure the giving and the taking. Measure what they are doing for you and because of you. It is there you can measure it and you can determine the value of your relationship through that measurement.

Sometimes it’s difficult to face the cold hard facts of reality. I think that is the most painful side of love. To learn and admit to yourself that the love is not there can be excruciating. However, the only way to find real love is to let go of faulty love.

We must be honest with ourselves if we are to move forward in our lives. If we want happiness we must find the courage to be honest with ourselves. Sometimes this little task is the most difficult task of all…

Fences for the Soul

We all have our own unique tolerance level for what treatment we will accept from other people. Some people will put up with quite a bit. Others don't even give people a chance. The interesting thing is that life will give you lessons and try to regulate this for you. However, as we all know these lessons will only work with your cooperation.

If you set up boundaries before a problem ever arises and stick to them you will find it much easier and less painful. However, if you are one of those people who lets people walk all over you until you just can't take it another second then you need to start thinking about what your boundaries should be and start enforcing them.

Not enforcing ones boundaries properly comes from a deep need to be loved and accepted. So it's crucial that you start loving yourself today! And you can take the first step by identifying the boundaries you need to set and by taking the necessary steps to enforce them. You will not only be helping yourself avoid necessary pain but you will be taking the first steps toward self love. We can't change the world if we are sitting around suffering! We have to safeguard our souls! This is like a protective fence for your soul. You keep the bad out but let the good in simply by identifying and enforcing your boundaries.



Over and over again you will find yourself at a crossroad in life. This is a time where you have to make a decision perhaps an easy one and perhaps not. It's often at these times we make the wrong decision out of fear. There can be other factors involved too but more often than not it's fear or anxiety.

A good rule of thumb is to travel down each turn in your mind and determine are you running down that road away from something or are you running toward something you really want? Decisions based on fear almost always leave you with nothing to gain. To gain in life we must risk. All of life is about risk and gain. We plant seeds risking to lose it all in order to gain a crop. We work all week risking to give away our hard work on the promise of a paycheck. We get preganant and carry a child within us for nine months in the hopes of having a healthy child. It's a risk but life is all about risks.Even eating a meal holds risks. The food could make us sick, we could choke. In fact, I can't think of one single thing in life that doesn't hold a risk or a gain.

So next time you find yourself at a crossroads perhaps you will realize its all about risk not safety. Those who play it safe lose the largest in our world. To make any kind of a difference in this world you have to be willing to take the risks. Are you?


Fail Your Way to the Top

To continue on from my last post that will soon bring us to an even more important point I will tell you of the rest of my bicycle struggle. As you may recall I had purchased a tool to fix my bike and it didn't work. So I set out to go wrench shopping. I decided to pick up a little socket wrench kit as it's been my experience that they work best. Besides every man I know has a socket wrench set and so they must be good because if there is one thing men know its tools! Kind of like women know shoes. :-)

Well that turned out to be a great plan! I got the tire off with relative ease. Struggled a bit getting the actual tire off of the rim but I managed. Then I tried to pump up the tire. It wouldn't pump. Darn! What was wrong?!! Then it dawned on me. My new bicycle pump did not work! That was why the first tube wouldn't hold any air! It was never ruined to begin with! Grrr! So I threw the tire in the trunk took it down to our local Stewarts Shoppe and pumped it up. That worked! I went home and put the new tire on the bike frame. That was a bit of a struggle but I finally got it! Yay!

I still haven't had a chance to ride it yet because it has been raining. But soon.

Now all of this brings me to a very important point. In my struggle to get my bike fixed I didn't give up even though I seemed to encounter one problem after another. I knew eventually I would succeed. I was certain. I didn't stand around full of self doubt saying things like I wasn't meant to ride a bike. I'm not good enough to ride a bike. I don't know how to ride a bike. Etc. Yes I know that sounds really silly but ask yourself how many times you've said that to yourself about one thing or another. For me, if this had pertained to some article or story I had written and was activly trying to publish I would have been full of those thoughts. The lesson here is failure does not mean you can't do something or that you shouldn't do something or that you weren't meant to do something. Failure is merely a step toward success! That is my message to you all today!

Reassess your failures and recognize them for what they really are and stop labeling them as obstacles to where you want to go! Failure is a nothing more than a vital step in the direction you are aiming to go! So start stepping! The more you fail the more steps you take, the closer you really are to where you want to be! Even though it may not feel like it. Now, the choice, of course is always yours. See the failure as a step forward or simply wallow in the act of failing. Just remember one thing. If you aren't failing you are getting no wheres fast! The road to the top is built with steps made of failure.


How Bad Do You Want What's Best for You

Recently I've had a small struggle that has reminded me of something that I learned a long time ago and that is that doing the right thing or doing what's best for you is usually not easy. It always comes with struggles and obstacles. It's almost as if you have to want what's best for you, really really bad in order to get it. And as we all know sometimes we are just not willing to go the distance. Sometimes what we have to gain just doesn't seem worth what we have to give up or go through in order to obtain. Of course in the long run it probably would be worth it but we don't want to go through the trouble.

Recently I decided I would buy my daughter a bike and her and I would spend time bike riding. It would be good for our health and our relationship and it would certainly help with our stress levels as well. I couldn't wait to get started. I bought her bike. We couldn't ride it that day because her friend was over and we had no bike to offer her. The next several days it rained. Then we were painting and had no time. Then finally the day came and we carried our bikes outside and as soon as I started to drive out of the driveway I noticed my rear tire was flat. So I brought out the pump and pumped and pumped to no avail. Finally we gave up and went back inside.

It took several more days of obstacles before I finally got to the store to buy a new inner tube. I came home tried to get the rear tire off but I couldn't budge the nut with the tools I had. This morning I called the bike shop. It's my day off so I figured I'd bring it down there and let them do it. They were closed. So, I went to Walmart looking for a bike wrench. I found one, not a very good one mind you but I'd give it a whirl. I came home and tried again. The wrench didn't offer enough leverage. The nut wouldn't budge. Now I have to go wrench shopping. How bad do I want this? Well I haven't given up yet.



If there is one thing I can say about life it is that it will never take it easy on you. It gives you lessons and its up to you to learn from them and grow stronger and better or be a wimp and cower away from what you know you should do.

My daughter and I still struggle. She is doing better. I learned something about myself this last month. I am so much stronger than I ever thought I was. There were moments this last month where I just wanted to give up but I knew that I couldn't and somewhere inside of me I had to reach in and gather my strength. It surprised me then just how much I managed to grasp! Where did it all come from? It came from love. Love for my daughter and my desire for her to be well.

And in all of this madness and pain my daughter and I grew closer and we gained something very valuable out of it all. I'm sure there are many things that my daughter gained from this whole experience too but it may be awhile before she can fully grasp that. And she will continue to grow and to gain as she works through this and so will I.
Life sometimes throws you painful horrible things. When that happens you only have two options. Work through or wimp out. If you wimp out. You can bet your lucky stars that you will get this lesson again. Possibly in a different format but mark my words you will get it. Why tempt fate. Just get it over with and move on because sure enough it's only a matter of time before your next lesson begins!


My Apologies

I must apologize to all who read here. I have not been a very attentive blogger. And for the time being I can't promise that things will get much better. I have been going through a lot these past few months between very hard financial times in spite of working my butt off and very rough times with my daughter. My attention has had to stay focused in those areas and the blog has stood neglected. I will still need to keep my focus elsewhere. Hence it will still be some time before I can really put the attention into this blog as I would like. For that I apologize. I will be back as soon as life allows but for the time being. I have to keep keeping on....


Merry Christmas-Lets Not Forget its Origin

There are those that insist that Santa doesn't exist. Yet don't we see proof of him everywhere? Santa, the spirit of Christmas is perhaps God's joy spread down upon us. Santa can be seen everywhere. He can come in the form of a jolly old elf as we all know or perhaps in Asian eyes or brown skin or blonde hair or pierced faces or pretty smiles or big strong hands or delicate girlish giggles. The thing with Santa is that he doesn't just dress in a red suit and he isn't always fat and he doesn't always deliver gifts on a sleigh driven by renideer. No sometimes he shows up in one of those economy sized cars or even a big ole truck. What's mroe Santa comes in every color imaginable and you never know when you might meet up with him or where.

Yes my friends Santa is alive and well and still spreading good cheer. You have only to look to your own living rooms for proof of this! Santa is a jolly old elf indeed sprinkled with magic dust, the dust of God's joy. Some say Christmas is too commercial. I say this is only because of the spirit of Christmas and our enthusiasm to spread God's joy. This is the spirit of Christmas that snows down upon us from heaven. Let us not forget then what it is all about! Santa lives within all of us Santa is a gift from God. Santa is what we have created to express that love that we feel! You see our jolly old elf is a euphemism for what we all feel at this time of year. We feel this because this is a time that we celebrate God's greatest gift and love for us and we all feel it and wish to reciprocate.
The giving is great it brings us all great joy and warm hearts! Now please take a moment today and remember clearly why we feel this and give thanks for all that you have.
Merry Christmas everyone may the spirit of Christmas surround you and warm your hearts on this glorious day!


That Old Christmas Spirit

So you want to change the world? Of course you do! Don't we all? The funny thing is that we often fail to notice that we actually have the power to change the world.

Now can we change the world drastically all by ourselves? No, probably not but what you do today will affect the world and change its course. What you do could make or break a life even if you don't realize it nor see it. What you do will reverberate out into the world and will effect the world.

So with that you must ask yourself at the end of the day. What did I put out into the world today? Was it good stuff? Or was it negative vibes?

Recognize the power you hold in your hands and understand that with power you need to exercise responsibility. You are responsible for what you place out there in the world. Now, the odds are that no one on this earth is going to come calling on you about what you do provided its not so bad that you get arrested or that someone retaliates against you. No the truth lies within your own heart. Only you really know what you are sending out into our world. Only you know if you are making a positive difference in our world. It's totally up to you. Be the change you want to see in the world and you will be a part of that change. Be anything less and you are harming our world. What's it going to be?

Christmas time there is a lot of positive reverberations in the air. Often times you hear things referred to as the Christmas spirit. That Christmas spirit is a very real thing! It is very probable that that Christmas spirit is manifested by all of the positive reverberations out there in the world. It feels great! Doesn't it?

Well that spirit doesn't have to merely exist at Christmas! You can carry that spirit with you all year round! All you need to do is send out far more positive reverberations then negative ones.

So this year I ask you to bring that Christmas spirit with you into the new year and carry it around with you in your hearts. You will be happier and you will help change our world to a more positive place! You've got nothing to lose!

What's Stopping You?

Yes it's true sometimes we can be so busy chasing our dream that we sabotage our dream without even meaning to. Sometimes we want it so much a certain way that we forget that we might have to opt to do other things that we don't dream of doing just to obtain the dream.

We can spend a whole lifetime not even grasping that concept or recognizing that we are doing that. If you have a dream that you just can't seem to accomplish. You need to look at what's stopping you. Are you afraid to do what you have to do to get it. Isn't doing that dirty work worth it if it brings you closer to your dream? Of course it is and in the end you know you'll agree! So put on your boots and walk through the muck. It's the only way to the other side!


The Magic of Thinking Big

You have probably heard about thinking big. It's great advice except for its wrong. Oh no its not wrong to think big, don't get me wrong. However, you can't just wake up and start thinking big and expect to get big. Like anything you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Big is the goal at the end of succession of baby steps and medium steps that lead to big.

So many people get confused there. They are thinking big so why isn't it working? Simple you can't usually jump that high! You have to build steps to the top. To get to big you have to start small.

In our society today we want everything yesterday and we want bigger and better every time. We are a spoiled society and in this we often lose sight of the good old fashioned values of working your way to where you want to go. So even in our thinking we are trying to skip steps.

Just remember: Think big but take lots of little steps to get to big!


The Need to be Needed

My last post has turned out to be a lead in to this post. This mostly because it inspired me to think about a specific part of this quote. That quote touched on an element of our humanity that doesn't get talked about all that often. Our human need to be needed.

Our need to be needed is stronger than many of our needs and touches all of our relationships from our parents to our children to our partners to our bosses to our friends. We need to feel needed and useful and of some importance. It makes us feel good. We need to feel important and needed in all aspects of our lives. For if we are not needed what are we worth? Which is why abused children grow up feeling worthless.

See in most families parents need their children just as much as children need their parents only in different ways. Perhaps you haven't thought of it that way but the child brings so much to the parent and the parent needs for the child to do well and be well and to grow up and be well and do well.

Think for a moment about how the need to be needed touches all aspects of your life. Don't you feel good when you are performing a task that you feel is needed. For example doing something at work and feeling good about how you perform the task makes you feel needed, useful and of some importance. Taking care of your offspring or loved one makes you feel needed, useflul and of some importance. Tenderly caressing your lover makes you feel the same way. All of these things are integral to our happiness and self esteem. Hence the key to good self esteem is finding your place in all of your relationships and performing the necessary tasks that make you feel proficient, useful, needed and of some importance and hence good about who you are to that person, people or institution,

We are all most happy when we are needed because we feel good about who we are. Sometimes we think we'd rather not be needed we may push others away and avoid being needed so that we wont have to deal with the responsibility. However we are never more unhappy than when we have less responsibilities and are less needed.

As much as we like to be needed its much more fulfilling to us if we are needed in different capacities, our jobs, our lovers, our children, our friends our fellow hobbiests. Because to feel really good about ourselves and to experience much more contentment we must maintain balance.

Now it has to be a genuine need you can't go out and provide for others that don't need it or that should be providing these things for themselves. You must balance this otherwise it backfires and shoots down your self esteem. All that you do must come from good will and for the good of all involved otherwise you will know deep inside that you are not really needed and it will hurt your feelings of self esteem.

Somewhere inside of us all we know we must fulfill this need in ourselves. Some of us take shortcuts and try and make ourselves feel needed when we really aren't others try to push themselves on others again trying to force the act. Others still boast and lie and try to make themselves sound more important than they are. And then there are those who just give up and believe themselves to be worthless and give up the fight either hiding from society or lashing out. Sadly too there are those that achieve it too fast and too large. They don't believe they deserve it they are still stuck believe that that are not needed and suddenly feeling needed, wanted and important makes them sick to their stomach and they tear it all down. No it works much better if it can be slowly gained to give the person time to believe in themselves and to believe that they truly deserve it. Then of course there are those that have simply pursued that which would fulfill this need in a healthy way, probably not all in one shot as we all must learn on our journey. However basically they learned to form good relationships, they found jobs they enjoy doing and do them well, they did their best raising their children and the list could go on.

We all have the need to be needed, to feel useful to feel of some value. It truly makes the world go round. At worst we thirst for it like a thirsty man in the desert. We destroy ourselves or others for our lack of it or if given too suddenly we drown ourselves in it. At best it drives us to do what we should do so that we may sample that luscious dessert. I ask you how wonderful is it that in doing so we make this a better world for all.


I ran across this quote and thought it was beautiful and inspiring and so I wanted to share it with all of my blogging friends. I'm sure you'll all love it too!

Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.
~Storm Jameson


Quick Update

Hey Folks,
Yes, I'm still alive and well and everything is going great! So sorry that I've made no posts lately but real life has just been consuming too much of my time. I hope to write a new post soon. Thanks to those who inquired as to my where-abouts you can rest assured I am fine just very very busy.

Hope all is going well for everyone! Miss you all lots!!!